Types Of Beards

What are the different types of beards? Beards are facial hair that grows somewhere around the chin, cheeks, neck, and upper lip areas. Normally, only males grow beards but there are some females who get to have them as well. Through the years, men have experimented on the different looks that they can do with beards, hence they have made many new types of beards that one can go for.

The A La Souvarov beard types are where the sideburns are made to curve downward to the direction of the mouth. They are then curved upwards toward the mustache area. These are the types of beards usually sported by men in the theater to give out a nastier look. The goatee is a beard that is on the middle part of the chin. As the name implies, this is the type that resembles that of a Billy goat.

The anchor beards are types of beards where the hair are just along the jawline area and the sideburns are shaved. These types of beards are called such because it is styled to a point, therefore resembling an anchor. The Balbo, on the other hand, are types of beard that look much like the goatee. However, the Balbo is wider and is accompanies by a mustache that is unconnected in the middle.

The chin puff, chin curtain and the chin strap are types of beard that are focused on the chin area. The chin puff is a type of beard that is like the goatee, only it is much narrower and just covers the circular part of the chin. The chin curtain is a beard wherein there is no mustache hair involved. The sideburns, however, are kept and are connected to the chin hair. This is the types of beard that are also called Lincoln-ic. Yes, you guessed it right – this is the beard sported by Abraham Lincoln. The chin strap, on the other hand, is a type of beard that resembles a chin strap. The sideburns are grown down to the chin to the jaw line underside.

The English mustache is types of beards that are pulled to each side. This is the mustache you see being sported by the Pringles man. The El Insecto beards, on the other hand, are beards where the goatee area resembles insect’s mandibles. The French fork is a type of bears that spreads through the chin. It is split through the center into two parts – well, the left and the right. The mutton chops are beards where the sideburns extend to the edge of the mouth, connected to the mustache. No goatee is involved here though. The Fu Manchu beard is among the types of beards that are only on the mustache area where the mustache that falls down to the sides and are extended far down the chin area.

You see, there are many different looks that you can go for when it comes to beard. Aside from what were listed above, there are so many types of beards you can try – just be creative and you’ll be fine.