Types Of Bacteria

What are the different types of bacteria? Bacteria are organisms that are single celled. They can be seen only though microscopes. There are many different shapes and sizes of bacteria. There are also many different types of bacteria. They are found everywhere and anywhere. Some of these bacteria have evolved and some have stayed the same.

Coccus is among the types of bacteria that are spherical in shape. They are single celled and they live as individuals. They can also pair up to form bunches and chains. The most common examples of the coccus types of bacteria are staphylococcus and streptococcus. They are gram positive bacterium. These bacteria, however, perform functions in the body that are very helpful. However, if these bacteria are left unnoticed, they can cause quite a lot of damage in the body.

The second of the many types of bacteria are called bacillus. These are also gram positive bacteria that can sometimes be negative as well. The most common examples of the bacillus bacteria are salmonella and E. coli. These are the harmful bacteria that are usually found in food. This bacterium, in worst cases, can cause typhoid fever, food poisoning, and the like. Among all the types of bacteria, the most harmful belong to these types. They can cause lung diseases and clostridium, which in the long run can lead to botulism and tetanus.

Rickettsia belongs to the types of bacteria that behave like a virus. They cannot survive outside living cells and organisms. They are gram negatives. They are also sphere shaped like the coccus. These types of bacteria spread by bite infection – ticks, fleas, lice, and other insects. In other terms, these bacteria are spread by carriers. Rickettsia is from the group of bacterias that are causing typhus and rickettsia pox or body rashes.

Mycoplasmas are kinds of bacteria that do not have cell walls. They are rod shaped as well as they are sphere shaped as well. These bacteria can give a huge difference to other bacteria because they are unaffected by the use of antibiotics. They damage the cell wall and can cause respiratory pneumonia as well as pelvic diseases.

Spirillums are some cocks screw shaped types of bacteria. They are known to be gram negative as well. These are the types of bacteria that are usually causing sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis. Other common spirillum bacteria can be the cause of Lyme disease. These are transmitted by bites from carriers as well such as ticks.

Aside from these five main types of bacteria, there are many others that are not known or clear to man yet. As of today, our scientists and doctors are continually looking for new ways to combat bacteria as well as discover new kinds of bacteria. Therefore, always keep in mind that to be safe from bacterial infections, keep your surroundings safe. Make sure that the foods you eat are always cook as well. This way, you can be at least safe that the bacteria in the food you eat are dead and will not get to harm you anymore.