Types Of Autism

What are the different types of autism? Autism is defined as a disorder of the mind. It is characterized by impairment of social interactions and or communications as well as movement restriction and repetition. There are many different types of autism. Some can be mild and some, severe. However, it is important that you know very well the many different types autism to know how to react and relate to the people who have them.

The most common among the types of autism is the autism spectrum. This is characterized by developmental delays that affects both social and communication skills. There are some people that, unfortunately, get their language and motor skills affected. People with autism spectrum can be silent or chatty, cold or affectionate, and the like – the main distinctive characteristic being they can be extremes.

Among all the types of autism, the highest functioning end would be the Asperger syndrome. This is because the Asperger syndrome is usually found in teens and adults, unlike the other types of autism. The people who have Asperger tend to be very intelligent but they have a hard time communications socially as it affects their speech the most.

Mild autism is, well, mild autism. It is characterized by a milder version of autism as people deemed to have these have symptoms of autism but does not suffer from lack of verbal skills and social skills. The main characterizing factor of mild autism would include being sensitive to sensory inputs.

If there is mild autism, there is also severe autism. As the name implies, this is profound autism. People who have this are often verbally challenged as they are disabled intellectually. This is also why people who have severe autism are very challenging behavior wise.

Rett syndrome is among the types of autism that only affects girls. Among all the types of autism, this is the only one that can be medically diagnosed so far. Much like any other type and form of autism, the Rett syndrome hinders the speech and social interaction skills of a girl as it can also impair the ability to use the hands.

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder is a type of autism that is very rare. As the name implies, it affects children around the ages two – four. This mainly affects children that have developing motor and language skills by impairing them.

Regressive autistic spectrum disorder is among the types of autism that is much like the autism spectrum. However, the child with regressive autistic spectrum disorder may seem normal until 24 months. After this period, more signs of autism may show and social and motor skills will slowly be impaired.

Pervasive Developmental Disorder is a type of autism that is most similar to a mild autism. The child who has this may show some signs of autism but doesn’t meet the criteria of being autistic. This is a type of autism that is characterized by some impairment but does not qualify for being autistic.

Autism is not a joke, especially because children are mostly affected by it. You see, it is important that you know how to properly deal with children who suffer from it, as they are most likely to be sensitive and unfamiliar of how they really are.