Types Of Art Sculpture

Sculptures are the art forms that can be dated back to the beginning of civilizations for its origin and has remained as witnesses and narrators of the past. There are different types of art sculpture that are classified depending on time period, places and styles.


Even though greek types of art sculpture existed long back, a distinctive style evolved in the early bronze age during 3rd millennium BC. During this period, Greek types of art sculpture started getting its platform on bronze and marble and basically most of the sculptors were small male and female figures that were made according to simplified geometrical dimensions. Greek types of art sculpture started to improve on design and more details were introduced into the sculptures over time period.


CLASSICAL TYPES OF ART SCULPTURE, also called as severe style types of art sculpture, is the term used to refer to the sculptors made in the classical period and contained free standing statues made of bronze and marble. Even though classical types of art sculpture influenced a lot in art, we don’t have a lot of original remains of sculptures from the classical period. The major collection of classical types of art sculpture was obtained from the excavations done in the temple of Zeus in Olympia where around 400 and 500 sculptors were found.


Even though roman types of art sculpture was heavily influenced by the greek types of art sculpture, the roman sculptures had distinctive style and distinguished them from other types of art sculpture. The distinctive style of roman sculptures were noticed in the near life sized tombs and a native Italian style could be found on these tomb monuments. However, by the completion of roman conquest of the Greece, the roman types of art sculpture became more blended with the Greek types of art sculpture because most of the sculptors in Rome after the conquest were enslaved Greek sculptors.


Byzantine types of art sculpture were the practice that focused mainly on sculptures made of small materials such as ivory. Even though their skill and brilliance was visible in the art forms they produced, byzantine types of art sculpture never seemed to return to monumental sculptures.


Gothic types of art sculpture are an outstanding art type and essentially define the gothic period. Gothic types of art sculpture were mainly used in the making of facades of huge churches and houses. Gothic sculptures became the favorite of wealthy class during that period and it became common for the upper class to make and collect such sculptures.


The sculptures made during the 1400s and the sculpture style during this period is collectively referred as RENAISSANCE TYPES OF ART SCULPTURE. The major feature of these types of art sculpture was that they showed a great increase in patronage.


MANNERIST TYPES OF ART SCULPTURE can be considered as an attempt to gain a new or an original style for art sculptures as it is there for paintings. Mannerist sculptors tried to improve their style and to top the achievement of the renaissance types of art sculpture.