Types Of Art Paper

Art is such a broad field as there are many different kinds of things that you should learn here, one of which are the types of art paper. You see, paper is very important when it comes to art. The proper choice of the types of art paper can make or break your art project. This being said, it is very important that you are able to identify one from the other. This way, you can make sure that you will be able to choose the right ones for the right usage.

The laid papers are types of art paper that are equipped with parallel lines. They are made into a pattern to provide a different kind of texture to the paper. There are different kinds of laid papers too. There are some of them that have fine lines and there are others that have coarser ones too. Before you start with your art project, you will already know what you will do – so make sure that you choose the right laid paper for the specific project you will be doing.

The pastel, craft and charcoal papers are commonly used types of art paper. They are known to have fine texture. Depending on the paper manufacturer, these types of art paper can have different pressed textures too. The hardness can differ as well basing on the manufacturers but they are all known to be strong and durable. If you are planning a sketch art project, then these types of art paper are your best bet.

Wove types of art paper are the papers that have a certain cloth like wove instead of the parallel lines like that of the laid paper. These papers are made by using woven mesh to create the smooth surface that is meant not to have any texture. If you are planning to make a pencil art drawing, these are the best types of art paper for you.

The types of art paper that have bumpy surfaces are called rough grained paper. These papers are known to have white spots too and there are irregular patterns that will show. These papers are not meant to be used in pencil and charcoal drawings because of their spots and rough surface. They are, however, perfect for watercolor projects because the course surface will make a great effect on them.

There are medium papers as well. These are papers that are cold pressed. They are used in different kinds of arts too and are known to have fine grains. These papers are best for art projects that will use sharpened pencils. This is because of the fact that the smooth texture can give you the power to play with shading and other accents that can be produced by pencils and charcoal.

The smoothest papers are the hot press papers. As the name implies, they are made by hot rolling them so that they can be smooth and flat. If you want to draw fine details without any textures and bumps, then this is the best ones to choose.