Types Of Art Names

As we go to school, we are introduced to the many types of art names. You see, there are many different styles that you will get to know about and you can do all these yourself. But first, it is very important that you are able to understand the types of art names so as to be able to explore them better.

Abstract are types of art names wherein artists do pretty much whatever they like. These types of art names do not show you images of people or places or animals or things. They are mostly about colors and shapes that not a lot of people will understand. These types of art names are known as nonobjective ones as well. This means that you will not be able to see objects but they are not ones that you will not understand as well. Cubism arts are types of art names that are composed of paintings. Here, the paintings are also not supposed to look like what they are supposed to be. These are like abstracts, really. The main reason behind this is that they are where abstract begun.

Expressionism arts are the types of art names wherein the artists are able to express feelings. The goal of all these kinds of artworks is to relay an emotion and hence the paintings and the art forms are known to resemble the object that the artist is aiming to paint as well. Famous expressionism artists include Ludwig Kirchner and Marc Chagall.

Fauvism art pertains to types of art names that show unusual and bright colors. Among all the types of art names, these are the ones that are short lived as they are only known to last 4 years from 1905-1909. The most famous artist of this type is Henri Matisse.

Pointillism art pertains to types of art names wherein small dots are used to come up with pictures or paintings. If you look at these art forms from far away, you will get to see the paintings as a whole and you will see the objects that are being painted. But up close, all you will see are points and dots that are of different colors. Famous pointillism artists include Paul Seurat and Paul Signac among others.

Pop art are the art forms as popularized by Andy Warhol. These are basically the everyday objects that are interpreted in colorful and brash methods. There are many different sources of inspiration here as well as they are mostly inspired by popular entertainment, advertising and comic strips.

There are so many other art forms and names that you must get to know well. Some other forms of art include postimpressionism which depict still life and landscapes as popularized by Vincent Van Gogh, Realism that shows objects as they appear in real life as popularized by Leonardo da Vinci, Surrealism which are dream based paintings and art works as popularized by Henri Rousseau, and Primitivism which are artworks that look like they were made by children as popularized by Paul Klee among many, many others.