Types Of Art Modern

The importance of learning the types of art modern

It is important to learn the types of modern art as types of art modern help you to recognize the art movements and evolvements of artistic styles. For example, one of the earliest types of art modern movement was impressionism, originated in France in the 19th century.


* Impressionism is known for the creators’ search for a more realistic color and light on their subjects.

* Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and Pierre Augustine are famous artists that used impressionism as the types of art modern.

Post Impressionism

Post impressionism is often regarded as a type of modern art but experts disagree that it was one of the types of art modern. Post impressionism rather depicts various art styles that became popular after impressionism.

* Post impressionism is considered as the types of art modern and is widely used to refer to works by miscellaneous artists and their various types of art works.


Fauvism is one of the types of art modern that was popular during the first decade before the World War I. The artists that used fauvism for their artworks are popularly called wild beasts. Ironically, this name came from a sarcastic remark of the famous art critic Louis Vauxcelles.

However, fauvism didn’t suffer any setback despite the initial criticism against what is now considered as one of the most influential types of art modern.

German Expressionism

The emotional and spiritual aspects of world were never portrayed in any art style better than the German expressionism, giving it the name of being the finest types of art modern. The art took its inspiration from the German gothic and primitive art. However, the evolvement was significant.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is one of the most famous types of art modern and is further branched into several categories. The original term, ‘abstract art’ is actually generic. You need to know about the variations to get a better understanding on the whole process.

Semi abstraction – this is an art form in which representational art is used to convey messages. Cubism and futurism are examples of semi abstraction. The visual elements are carefully manipulated in three types of art modern to create a poetic visual appeal.

* Cubism is invented by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.

* Cubism is considered as the first abstract style modern art. They are known for their unique visual style, avoiding the traditional perspectives of drawing.

Pure Abstraction

* This is the usage of cubes and other visual elements to create a dramatic image. There are a wide variety of forms of pure abstraction that are recognized as types of art modern.

It goes without saying that there are a wide range of types of art modern and each one has its own importance in the artistic world. Your knowledge about the comprehensive range of art workers plays a vital role in improvising your own artistic skills and determining your ability to appreciate various types of art modern.