Types Of Art Lines

Art can only be complicated if you let it be and this is why you should get to know the basics of art, the many types of art lines. You see, there are many different kinds of arts. They are all, however, able to show great use of the types of art lines and this is why it is one of the most basic information that you should get to know to understand art better.

The contour types of art lines are basically the lines that show the outline of any kinds of figure. These lines are used by many artists to show dimensions of the figures that they are drawing. There are some artists that use these types of art lines to show a pretty good idea of what they are making. As the name implies, contour pertains to outline – this is what these types of art lines are.

The blind contour types of art lines, on the other hand, that are drawn without the help of the figure that is being drawn. This is why these types of art lines are called blind. You see, if contour lines are those that show the dimensions and figure of the thing that is being drawn, these are the same and the only difference is that the artists do not look at the subject that they are drawing when they are doing these.

The continuous drawing types of art lines are, as the name implies again, art that is drawn without lifting the pen. In other words, the lines that are drawn here do not stop until they are able to complete the image of the subject that they are aiming to draw. Given that the lines are drawn continuously here, there will always be times when the lines will overlap. This is fine. This is normal. There are many artists that are able to draw great continuous drawing lines. The most famous of these artists is Pablo Picasso.

Gesture types of art lines are the art lines that are used to train artists draw. The thing is that these are the lines that are considered to be warm ups. Here, there will be a subject that will pose for as long as 2 minutes and sometimes as short as 30 seconds. Then, the artists will then draw the subject basing on how they remember it.

Mass gesture types of art lines are drawings that use wide drawing instruments. There are artists who prefer the use of charcoal while there are others that use side way pens. If the pens or drawing instruments are not wide enough, then the artists does their drawing by using sideway strokes so that they will be able to show the wideness of the lines. In these art lines, you can opt to use shadowing to stress out parts of the drawings. This also gives the art a more specific and artistic look that many artists really love to have. Compared to the other art lines, in mass gesture lines there are no outlines that are necessary.