Types Of Art Glass

Art glass is generally an item that has been designed for decorative purposes but also for functionality. There are many types of art glass including stained glass windows, sandblasted glass among others. These glasses are labeled and classified in various ways because of the procedure or the chemical formula used, how it is formed or structured and its fashion and type.

The first type of art glass is pressed glass that involves poring the liquefied glass into a mold so that it is designed into a specific shape in its outer design. A number of designs and patterns can be created from the pressed glass procedure depending on what is to be achieved.

Another type of art glass is cut glass which is achieved by cutting the outer design using a machine or by hand cutting. Wine glasses, decorative bowls and crystal chandeliers are an example of cut glass.

There is another type of art glass known as blown glass that is an antiquated form of glass making that is still in practice today. The smelted glass is formed when it is blown through a tube making have a blown appearance with different degrees of thickness.

Soda lime glass decoration is another type of glass art that generally has a glittering brightness and is used for very fine glass. In particular it is used for high priced wine glasses, lead crystal glass and for chandeliers.

Pyrex glass also known as boroilicate glass is a quality glass that is used for manufacturing heat resistant items. This is why old Pyrex cooking glassware is regarded as artistic and has become part of the popular collectible glass items.

Uranium glass is very popular and as a collectible antique glass item that was produced using Uranium salts. Because of the natural bright yellow color of Uranium salts, the chemical was used for shading glasses. The different classifications of this type of glass include Vaseline glass, Custard glass, Jadeite glass and Cobalt glass.

There is also glass art that is known as cranberry that is also known as Gold Ruby which is red glass that is designed through the addition of gold oxide into liquefied glass. This type of glass is quite valuable and pricey and is mostly used only for high end items.

Decorative milk glass is either frosty or crystalline in color but is mostly in milky white form although they can be designed with blue, black, brown, pink, or any other colors. This type of glass art is designed on items such as glasses, cups and other types of glassware.

There are other forms of glass that are designed artistically including fusing glass, the free form of glassmaking, glasses that are made for lamp work purposes, glass that is painted, etched glass and beveled glass. You will find a wide variety of fine glass that is decorative and is stylish, has expressive colors and is rich in texture. There are quite a number of items that are designed for the purpose of fine art glass for different functions.