Types Of Anxiety Disorders

What are the different types of anxiety disorders? Anxiety is also known as angst or the act of worrying. It is a psychological state that is characterized by a displeasing feel and emotional pain. There are many types of anxiety disorders. These types include the GAD or the generalized anxiety disorder, phobia, OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder, PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder, and panic disorder.

GAD or the generalized types of anxiety disorders that can last for months. The worry about these types of anxiety disorders is mostly illness, finances, and other family problems. The common symptoms of these types of anxiety disorders include feeling tired, feeling restless, feeling edgy, developing of muscle tension and sleeping problems.
Phobia is among the types of anxiety disorders that are common to people all over the world. This is characterized by having a fear of any particular object or situation. The most common types of phobias include agoraphobia (the fear of open spaces), zoophobia (fear of animals), social phobia (the fear or society and social situations), acrophobia (fear of heights), and claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces). Most of the time, people can have at least one phobia at a time. They are known to be seen more in women than in men.

OCD, or obsessive compulsive disorder, is among the types of anxiety disorders that happen when a person’s obsessive and intrusive thoughts end up causing anxiety to the person. The most common obsessions include fearing that you will be contaminated by things, fearing to forget things, fearing getting sick and other intrusive thoughts. The most common compulsions that occur in people who have OCD include being overly concerned with personal hygiene, constant cleaning, constant checking on windows and doors, hoarding newspapers, and such.

PTSD or Post traumatic Stress disorder is among the types of anxiety disorders that occur when a person experiences major emotional trauma. Most of the time, people who get these types of anxiety disorders are those from the military, those who experience a major accident, those who feel neglected, those who went through any type of violence at home, those who experienced natural disasters, and other kinds of trauma that are caused by chronic illness. The symptoms of the PTSD, on the other hand, include sleeping difficulties, nightmares, loss of interest in many things, flashbacks, concentration difficulties, memory problems, and many others.

Panic disorders are types of anxiety disorders wherein the person experiences an intense anxiety attack that cannot be controlled. The panic disorders can bring about short bursts of being overly anxious, being anxious that something wrong or bad is happening, lightheadedness, trembling, chest pains, nauseous, shaking, and many others. The panic disorder commonly occurs when a person gets overly stressed. There are, however, types of panic disorder where the initial anxiety types become a stepping stone for more other types to attack. This can cause a very viscous cycle that many people hate. If one person experiences panic attack or panic disorders more than thrice a month, then a visit to a doctor will be necessary for medications.