Types Of Ants

What are the different types of ants? Ants are awesome creatures. They are very small, but very powerful in their own might. There are actually more than 12000 species of ants around the world. They can lift things that are more than 20 times their own weight as well. Ants live with a queen. These queens are the ants that lay babies and bring more ants to the world. There are many types of ants, depending on many different factors.

The argentine ants are types of ants that are mostly seen in Argentina and Brazil. They are brought to the US by freight ships somewhere around the 1800s. They are segmented in shape and have an oval body. They are usually dark brown in color and some are black and shiny. These types of ants have 6 legs and some have wings. Of course, like most ants do, these ants have antenna.

Carpenter ants are types of ants that build nests in different forms of wood. They can cause damage that will significantly ruin furniture and the home when they are left untouched. There are many different species known about the carpenter ants. They are usually oval in shape, colored red or black, and have antenna too. These carpenter ants gather food for their youngsters. When they have enough food for the youngsters of one generation, they get more and prepare for the next. This is why most of the colonies of the carpenter ants move around 2000 workers or more.

Odorous house ants are ants that have, well, strong and rotten odor. They release these scents when they are killed or crushed. They are commonly seen nesting in houses and buildings. These types of ants live in very large colonies. In fact, these ants can live in colonies of 100000 members or more. These types of ants have bodies that are oval and segmented. Common in these ants are colored brown and black. Like all other types of ants, they have antenna. Some of them have wings as well while some do not.

Pavement ants are types of ants that make nests under pavement cracks. They are mostly found in the California and Washington, among the other eastern part of the US. These ants can usually live in colonies of up to 4000 members. The bodies of these types of ants are usually oval and segmented as well, like the ones above mentioned. Just like them, they have antenna, and are colored black or dark brown.

Next we have red imported fire ants. These are types of ants that are very aggressive, compared to the other types. They give out a painful sting when they feel pressured or stressed. They can adapt to different climates and can be found around the world. The body of these kinds of ants is also oval and segmented. As the name implies, they are reddish brown in color. Like all the other kinds of ants, they have 6 legs and an antenna. When it comes to the wings, some may have and some do not.