Types Of Alcohol

What are the different types of alcohol? Alcohol drinks are drinks that contain different alcoholic characteristics, but have the base spirit of ethyl alcohol. People have different reasons why they drink alcohol. But for sure, people drink for leisure. There are different types of alcohol. These types differ in alcohol content, taste, color, and overall feel. The most common types of alcohol are classified into three: spirits, wines, and beer.

Spirits are unsweetened alcoholic beverages that are also distilled. They are basically the strongest of the types of alcohol. Fermentation is needed to be done to produce these types of alcohol. Then, the fermented substance will then be distilled to make the alcohol drink potent and strong. There are many types of alcohol under the classification of spirits. The most common forms of spirits are brandy, rum, schnapps, tequila, vodka and whisky.

Brandy is basically distilled wine. They are basically fermented grapes. There are brandies that are made out of different fruits juices and are produced by different styles. Most of the time, these types of alcohol have an alcohol by volume (ABV) content of up to 60%. These are the alcoholic drinks that are consumed usually after dinner.

Gins are white grain spirit and juniper berries that are distilled. They are known to have fabulous taste that can be mixed with juices and other drinks. The alcohol by volume content of gin goes up top 40%.

Rums, on the other hand, are types of alcohol made from fermenting sugar cane. Then the spirits are stored in oak barrels, which give them their flavor. Much like gin, these are the types that are best mixed with other juices and drinks. The ABV content of rum is 40 to 50%. Schnapps are clear and distilled alcoholic drinks that are made from fruits and roots. The ABV of schnapps have ranges from 15% to 50%. Vodkas are transparent spirits as well. They are composed of purified ethanol with water and fermented from corn, sugar, potatoes, and many others.

Wines are types of alcohol that are produced after the grape juice fermentation phase. Wines are mostly aged for years to ensure that the taste is good. The best wines are those that are aged more. Wines are basically grapes that are crushed with yeast. This certain yeast will be the ones to produce the alcohol that are converted from sugars gotten from grapes. The ABV of wines can range from 95 to 16%.

Lastly, we have beers. Many people love to drink beers. They are the favorite of the people, among all the types of alcohol. Beer is the resulting spirits of fermentation and brewing. There are many different ingredients beer include corn, wheat, rice and barley. Beers are categorized into two. These two categorizations are Ale and Lager. Lager beers are fermented at temperatures 50 degrees Fahrenheit to somewhere around 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Ale beers, on the other hand, needs to be fermented between 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Among all the different types, beer has the lowest ABV which is only 2 to 4%.