Types Of Advertising

What are the different types of advertising? Advertising is an important part of a business. This is the part where the business is being exposed to the public. This is also the part where the company’s services and products are being shown and explained to the future customers. Advertising is done because of many different reasons. This, therefore, is the reason why there are many different types of advertising. The main types of advertising are print advertising, outdoor advertising, broadcast advertising, covert advertising, surrogate advertising, public service advertising, and celebrity advertising.

The first and the most common types of advertising are print advertising. As the name implies, these are basically advertising through the print media. These print media include magazines, fliers, brochures, newspapers, and others. This is basically the most popular among the many types of advertising. This is because it doesn’t cost that much. There are many different options here too. The price of print advertising is very reasonable as well, as you will only pay for the part of the newspaper that you will use. Also, if you are to print fliers and brochures, you can be sure that it won’t cost that much as well.

Next, we have outdoor advertising. These are types of advertising that includes ads that are placed, well, outdoors. These include kiosks, billboards, and other events. These are basically using different techniques and tools so that customers will be attracted to them. The most common form of outdoor advertising is through billboards. If you will notice, billboards are made to be catchy and very attention grabbing. They are the ones that aim to grab the attention of the passersby.

Broadcast advertising are types of advertising that are mainly focused on broadcasting such as the TV, the radio, and even the internet. TV advertisements are very effective. However, they are known to be very expensive as well. The costs of these TV adverts are usually dependent on the time that the advertisement is playing – the broadcast time. The cost can also be dependent on the TV channel as well as the show that you would want to show it in. For small scale businesses, the radio is still an efficient choice. But with the boom of technology, the internet has been used by so many advertisers.

Covert advertising are types of advertising that are mostly seen in movies. These are the advertising when the brand or the company logo or name is seen being used in movies, television series, and other forms of media such as the sporting channels. A good example of covert types of advertising is when you see the mobile phone brand Nokia being used in Minority Report.

Surrogate advertising are types of advertising wherein the products are banned by the law. Good examples of these are alcohol and cigarettes. You see, there are bans in the advertisements of these things, so the manufacturers advertise the name of their products by naming some other products the same. Hence, when the name of the product is seen, the real products (the banned ones) are remembered as well.