Types Of Abortion

What are the different types of abortion? Abortion is the act of removing a fetus from the womb. Most of the time, this is done to terminate pregnancy. But there are sometimes that these are done because of a certain need. There are two major types of abortion. These two types are medical abortion and surgical abortion.

Medical abortions, as the name implies, are types of abortion wherein there are no surgeries involved. Here, there are no invasive methods that are needed to be done. The medical types of abortion rely on the use of medications to be able to end the pregnancy. There is a certain drug that is used to perform these types of abortion. This drug is called the mifepristone. This is why many people call it the abortion pill. Keep in mind that you cannot just buy this drug over the counter. Since there is grave danger in using this without proper medical assistance, this is only dispersed when there is a proper prescription given by a health care professional.

When one wants to end her pregnancy through these types of abortion, she can just go to a clinic and visit a doctor. Here, she will be asked a series of questions for as to why she would need to get the abortion. Then, if the doctor sees that the need is dire, then he or she can prescribe her the drug. After taking the mifepristone, the patient will need to go back to the doctor’s office again for another or a couple more times. Here, she will be given another prescription drug to end the pregnancy process. This drug is called misoprostol.

Mifepristone is a prescription drug given during the first trimester of the pregnancy. Surprisingly, the FDA approved this drug to be safe for use for up to 49 days. This count of 49 days stars from the patient’s last period. However, keep in mind that after the 49 day period, this drug is not FDA approved anymore. Therefore, it can be dangerous to use in these types of abortion. There are some patients, however, that choose to use this for up to 9 weeks.

Surgical abortion, are the types of abortion wherein a surgery procedure must be done. Here, the patient should go into the doctor’s office to have the surgery take place. There are different methods of these types of abortion. The first procedure is called aspiration. Aspiration is a procedure used in these types of abortion. This is performed during the patient’s 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Another name that is used to call these types of abortion is vacuum aspiration, as this is done by inserting a vacuum tube into the cervix of the patient. Then, the vacuum will be turned on and certain suction will remove the fetal tissue to empty the uterus. A curette is an instrument that is shaped like a spoon. In some instances, these types of abortion need to use this to scrape the lining of the uterus to ensure that there is no remaining tissue left after the vacuum process.