Types Of 40s

40s, in the American language, is a term commonly used to describe a 40-ounce (1.18 litres) of malt liquor, which is in a glass bottle.

40s seems to be a breath of good ‘ol air for beverage lovers and adventurous people as these “types of 40s’ drinks are generally of low quality and cheap in price. A 40 can be of 2 dollars or 3, depending on the company and the ranging of quality and is equal to 12 fl/oz bottles or cans of beer.

40s are much more common and popular than the twelve ounce (355 ml) malt bottles, which equals to a serving of beer.

There are many types of 40s available all over the world. Most iconic types of 40s are ‘Olde English 800’, ‘Camo 40’, ‘Mickey’s’, ‘Colt 45’, ‘Country Club’, ‘King Cobra’, ‘Black Bull’, ‘Black Fist’, Wildcat, Labatt Blue Dry (also available as 6.1, 7.1, 8.1 and 9.1), Molson Dry (6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 10.1), Big Bear, St. Ides, B40 Bull Max, Jeremiah Weed, Hurricane, Ballantine (available in 40-ounce), Doghead Fish Brewery and Steel Reserve 211. In some parts of United States such as Florida, purchasing of 40s are prohibited, though the availability of the largest containers of these malt liquorices at a retail of 32 US fluid ounces.

Some types of 40s, for example Crazy Horse, Mickey’s and Olde English 800 were available in even bigger, 64-ounce bottles.

To its sparkling history, collecting 40s bottles is also an intriguing hobby. People from all over the world buy them from their nearest garage sales and even from the internet. If you are in the mood to shop for these classic pieces, try to look for the most oldest, even if it is a little unkempt. Chances are that they will be a little cheaper to buy after having one or two flaws in the old glasswork.

Many celebrities promoted in favor of and opposed against these types of 40s in their illustrious career. Famous examples include Ice Cube’s famous radio advertisement for the popular drink St, Ides and Chuck D’s “St. Ide controversy’, in which the company used his voice without his consent in their commercial.

Nowadays, many people and drinking fans alike drink malt beverages like ale, beer, porter and stout. Blood pressure increases when one consumes these malt beverages, but they also helps combat hypertension in men with positive and effective results. That is why drinking these beverages occasionally become healthy as binge drinking or drinking thrice in a day can lead to increment in blood pressure, that of a long-term sort.

Beer contains calories, which is indeed a blessing and a curse for a normal body type, also happens to be an ideal item to include in a dietary chart of underweight person respectively.

David J. Hanson, Ph.D., at New York State University, Potsdam, states that drinking decent amount of beer can help lessen the dangers of depression, digestive ailments, heart diseases and stress. It also helps to live longer (who wouldn’t want that!).