Types Of Qualitative Questions

When it comes to research there are two types of questions which qualitative and quantitative ones and there are even certain types of qualitative questions where research is concerned. it is important to be able to structure your questions and sentences in a way where the reader or examiner can understand it because that gets your point across and proves to the examiner/reader that you know what you are talking about. The more jumbled up the material, the poorer the quality and the worse the types of qualitative questions that are incorporated into your research paper as well.

When arranging different types of qualitative questions keep one thing in mind- this has absolutely nothing to do with numbers so if you say something like ‘There are 90% chances that you wouldn’t get AIDS if you used contraception as per research’ you are including quantitative, not qualitative material. Anything besides numbers and numerical values is qualitative material. There are two types of qualitative questions- central ones that are more general in nature and do not specify one particular area that is to be discussed or brought into light. You can bring several points in light and discuss these and research on them or you can talk about one aspect of these types of qualitative questions and ensure that the answer is focused around this particular area.

An example of one of these types of qualitative questions is- ‘There crime rate has increased in the past decade and cannot be controlled or brought down in the world of today. Why is this so?’ and so, you see that you have an open-ended question where you can take one aspect and talk about the amount of frustration in the youth of today. On the other hand you can be a little more general and talk about various factors such as poverty, lack of jobs and lack of resources instead. Or you could combine the two types of answers and come up with something more wholesome that addresses all the issues and you will have answered the question in a way where you have touched upon many areas regarding the issue of a high crime rate in the world of today. This is one of those types of qualitative questions that are open-ended and gives you the freedom to answer the question in a more open and ‘liberal’ way.

Then, you have one of those types of qualitative questions that focus on one specific aspect of one specific matter and in this case you will have to focus on that aspect while minimally addressing other issues though the main focus is to be one the specified area. So an example of one of these types of qualitative questions would be- ‘The crime rate has increased in the world of today due to the increase in poverty levels. If you agree, explain why?’

Here you have one specific topic to discuss- high levels of poverty and even if you do not agree with the question your answer would be mainly about why you do not agree with poverty being the main cause and just touch upon other matters.

Types Of Qualitative Questions

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