Types Of Discrimination

What are the different types of discrimination? Discrimination is defined as a prejudicial treatment or a distinguishing treatment that is done to a person basing on ethnicity, age, national origin, sex, religion, sexual orientation, and many other personality traits or characteristics. These past few years, the government has been trying their best to eliminate cases of discrimination. This is why the information about the types of discrimination is being spread out so that people can be aware and not do any of them.

The most common types of discrimination are age discriminations. This is among the types of discrimination wherein a person is stereotyped basing on his or her age. As we all know, each age group can have their own likes and preferences as well as taste and style. The most common cases of age discrimination happen to the old people and adolescents.

Disability discrimination is among the types of discrimination that showcase discrimination because a person has some sort of disability. This is also known as disablism. The main definition of disability discrimination is unjust treatment of non-disabled individuals to disabled ones. They make their selves the standard or the norms. So the people with disability are not being looked at equally as them.

Employment discrimination happens when discrimination happens in the workplace. These are the types of discrimination that are most commonly solved by seminars and discussions. Recently, employment discrimination has been added to the many grounds one can be fired as there are a number of laws that protect people from employment types of discrimination.

As there are many different languages around the world, language discrimination is being introduced. These are types of discrimination wherein one is discriminated basing on the way he or she talks. The person that is being discriminated upon experiences being treated differently because his or her language is something that is not the preferred language of the place where he or she is. Also, this can happen when there is discrimination to a person because he or she is speaking a different language.

Racial or ethnic discrimination, or racism, is among the worst types of discrimination. This occurs when one experiences different, and usually negative, treatment when he or she is in a place that is not his or her native. This way, people around will treat the person unfairly. However, there has been a civil rights law that has been released that protects people against racism. These laws state that people who experience racial or ethnic discrimination can file charges to the person treating them unfairly.

We also have sex and gender discrimination. This is basically discrimination mainly because of the sex or sexual preference of a person. Due to the rising number of sex and gender discrimination, there are more laws and decrees that states that people who are experiencing these types of discrimination should be allowed to file cases and people who discriminate will have to face charges against them. These days, there have been adverse actions that are taken against people who violate the rules against sex and gender discrimination.