Types Of Dog Diseases

It is very important to be aware of the different types of dog diseases that affect our canine in order to provide preventive measures for them. Like humans, dogs are equally affected by bacteria and fungi diseases. Below are some of the most common types of diseases that affect our canines.

* Leptospirosis: The symptoms of this type of disease include vasculitis, liver and kidney failure. It is caused by an agent known as spirochaete.

* Lyme diseases: These types of dog diseases are caused by a spirochaete known as Borrelia burgdorferi. They are transmitted by ticks and can lead to lethargy, anorexia, and acute arthritis.

* Ehrlichiosis: This is one of the most fatal types of dog diseases. It is transmitted by a brown tick known as Rhipicephalus sanguineous. The symptoms include low blood counts, casculitis, and fever.

* Kennel cough: this is one of the types of dog diseases caused by a virus. As the name implies, the disease usually occurs in close kennels.

Other types of dog diseases include:
•    Methemoglobinemia
•    Anal Sac Disorders in Dogs
•    Anal Gland Cancer in Dogs
•    Anaerobic Bacterial Infections in Dogs
•    Amphetamine Poisoning in Dogs
•    Ameba Infection in Dogs
•    Advil Poisoning in Dogs
•    Pheochromocytoma (Adrenal Gland Cancer)
•    Adenovirus 1 in
•    Addison’s Disease
•    Acute Vomiting
•    Dog Acid Reflux in
•       Dog Abscesses in Dogs
•    Abnormal Growths of the Lower Intestines
•    Abnormal Eyelids in Dogs
Chronic Inflammation of the Bronchi in Dogs
•    Chronic Inflammation of the Anus, Rectum or Perineum Region in Dogs
•    Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs
•    Chest Bone Deformity in Dogs
•    Chemical Imbalance of Urine in Dogs
•    Chagas Disease in Dogs
•    Cavities in Dogs
•    Cataracts in Dogs
•    Carnitine Deficiency in Dogs
•    Cardiomyopathy in Boxer Dogs
•    Cardiac Electrical Failure in Dogs
•    Cardiac Arrest in Dogs
•    Carcinoid Cancer in Dogs
•    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Dogs
•    Capillariasis in Dogs
•    Canine Coronavirus Infection in Dogs
•    Cancerous Lymphoid Cells of the lung
•    Cancer of the Blood Vessel
•    Calcium Deposits in the Urinary Tract
•    Brown Recluse
•    Brain Tumor  (Astrocytoma)
•    Brain Tissue Undervelopment
•    Brain Tissue Inflammation
•    Urinary Tract / Kidney Stones
•    Urinary Bladder Cancer
•    Urethral Shaft Abnormality
•    Ureter Stones
•    Uncoordinated Cilia Function
•    Umbilical Hernia
•    Tylenol (Acetaminophen) Poisoning
•    Twisted Spleen
•    Tumors of the Epulis (Gums)
•    Tumors of the Endocrine Glands
•    Tumor Related to Vaccinations
•    Tumor of the Uterus

Metabolic Muscle Disease
•    Metabolic Enzyme Deficiency
•    Mesothelioma
•    Mastocytoma
•    Mass Protrusion
•    Mange
•    Mammary Gland Tumor
•    Magnesium Deficiency
•    Dog Lymphoma
•    Inflammation of the Lymph Nodes

Excess Phosphorous in the Blood in Dogs
•    Estrus
•    Enlarged Spleen
•    Dilated Cardiomyopathy
•    Enlarged Gums
•    Elevated Sex Hormones
•    Early Death in Puppies
•    Early Contractions and Labor
•    Ear Mites
•    Ear Hematoma
•    Ear Cysts
•    Ear Cancer in Dogs
•    Adenocarcinoma (ear cancer)
•    E. Coli infection

Types Of Dog Diseases

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