Types Of 22LR Ammo

There are as many types of 22lr ammo as there are ammunition-making companies. Each company has a twist of the types of 22lr ammo it makes (and sells). Some of the most popular types of 22lr ammo are CCI 22lr shotshells, CCI 22lr ‘mini mag’ solid point, CCI 22lr Velocitor, and the Winchester 22lr. Each of these types of 22lr ammo has a specific weight and nose or point. To understand these types of 22lr ammo, there are a few explanations needed. First, there are two points’hollow point and round nose. Hollow point bullets have a pit in the nose. This gives the bullet the ability to expand when it enters the target. Round nose bullets do not have a pit and they do not expand in the target. In most types of ammo, ‘grain’ is used to express weight. Lower grain weights make the bullet faster, but they will have less power. Higher grain bullets will slow the bullet down a little, but they will be more powerful.

The types of 22lr ammo that are most popular range from 31 to 40 grain in weight. The most popular weight is 40 grain. The first type of 22lr ammo is the CCI 22lr shotshells. These bullets work because of a small charge of lead pellets inside a special plastic cartridge. This type of 22lr ammo is best for short range shooting. It is best for shooting pests and varmints (like rats, squirrels, and rabbits). This type of 22lr ammo is the lightest at 31 grain. That also makes it the fastest at about 1000 feet per second. These bullets should not be used as self-loading into a semi-automatic rifle; however, they can normally be hand-loaded into most semi-automatic rifles.

The CCI 22lr ‘mini mag’ solid point ammo is the next type of 22lr ammo. It can actually come as solid point or hollow point depending on what the shooter needs the bullet to do. This type of 22lr ammo is a 40 grain round nose (if not hollow point). It is copper plated. Normally, this type of 22lr ammo is used for small game. It is one of the most popular types of 22lr ammo to use for hunting. This type of 22lr ammo is versatile in the type of guns it can be used in. Most shot guns and pistols down to a 5′ barrel can use this type of 22lr ammo.

The next type of 22lr ammo is the CCI 22lr Velocitor ammo. It is a 40 grain, lead-plated hollow point bullet. This bullet is known for its power. This type of 22lr ammo is used for small game up to the size of a coyote. The hollow point on this type of 22lr ammo will allow the bullet to expand when the game is shot.

The last of the most popular types of 22lr ammo is the Winchester 22lr. This ammo is made for automatic rifles. This type of 22lr ammo is of 40 grain weight. It has a black copper-plated round nose. With a high capacity magazine, this type of 22lr ammo will reliably feed into the rifle.

There are many types of 22lr ammo. Some are for short range, small game shooting. Some can even be used in pistols. Each of the types of 22lr ammo is made to do a specific job.

Types Of 22LR Ammo

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  1. I just purchased a new Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic carbine rifle and need to now purchase ammo. I am overwhelmed with the variety of ammo available. I will be using my rifle for home protection and small game hunting. Should I be looking at round or hallow point ammo? Should I get lead or copper plated ammo? 22 lr ammo is almost impossible to purchase in a store here in Calif so I have been looking online. Shipping costs seem to be excessive though. Can you suggest the best place to purchase ammo? Thank you.